Adding a gripper to commertial ROVs


Have anyone looked into adding a gripper/claw to a commertial Rov? Im looking into the “chasing Dory” as a cheap starting point. Anyone know someone that have tried something like this? Would this drone even be powerfull enough to move correctly in the water with this attachement?

My plan is to initially design a small gripper and then 3d print it, I would obviously need to deploy an additional tether to supply the robot claw with power.

Any inputs are appreciated :slight_smile:

G’day MacgyverPerson,

I have not yet felt the need to grab things underwater however I have just purchased one of the new BlueROV Newton grippers to experiement with fixed single action grippers on a micro class ROV before perhaps moving towards an articulated arm/grabber like the one being offered by Blueprintlab.

What kind of work are you thinking about…what kind of weight and how large of a work piece will you be grabbing? Just like Trident, the Chasing Dory is unlikely to be able to support a large gripper so you will need to set realistic expectations about what you can grab and how you will operate such that you will be able to work with larger work pieces.

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Oh, and you will need to set aside a LOT of time to tinker and correct your ROV/gripper configuration for static and dynamic trim…I spent a LOT of time trimming out my underwater camera setup for the various operating configurations.

You will certainly lose speed and you will find the ROV less agile. In theory, you can move rather large items if you are not in a hurry however there comes a point when the available thrust is just not adequate for large work pieces (heavy and/or bulky). Some of the guys I have observed and chatted to about this type of operation have overcome the limitations of the ROV by using the ROV to attach a line and then use other equipment to do the heavy lifting (some even use the tether to manually deploy/recover the work piece.