Added Functionality


AstroDoc recently joined the group and mentioned that he was interested in using an ROV to scrub the bottom of his boat. I've done quite a bit of sailing and boat maintenance in my day, and I know keeping the bottom of a boat clean is a huge job. More importantly, I think AstroDoc hit on an important question: How can you add/adjust functionality to an OpenROV design so that it's easy to modify it for different needs? i.e incorporating some type of a grabbing device, or the ability to take water samples.

Food for thought...


I think that’s what draws me towards the frame chassis more then the sleak sub style. There are more mounting options. I struggle with the control side but if I had the knowledge I would love knowledge I would love to have ir communication at the ROV so accessories wouldn’t need wiring penetrations.


Sounds like a good idea. For low data communication, wouldn't a short wireless connection in the low Khz range suffice too? That way you won't need line of sight all the time.


I think the current chassis is great to add functionatlies, maybe the software must be a bit expanded to allow it to be more modular.

Looking forward to be able to start working on it (waiting for all sketches to become available) and full instructions, and then I can starting helping out with the SW