I do not as of yet own an OPENROV, but in the near future I will. I have been thinking of what to add to the system to make it even more research friendly and the idea of adding a “grabber” arm. I was looking at my owi inc arm and thought that if the part could be found to be water proof make sure that it does not go into a blind spot it should work. I know the weight would have to be considered and adjust in either the chassis or added bouyancy to compensate. What do you all think?


Hey Chris,

We couldn't agree more! We've been doing all sorts of dreaming here at OpenROV HQ (check out this cool thing we did with a Leap Motion at the NASA Space Apps Challenge!). In the mean time, there's a pretty awesome paper out of MIT about a low cost underwater robot arm that you might find interesting. I think in general, I think we'd add flotation to the ROV appropriate to compensate for the added water weight the arm contributes. The arm could be mounted on the 50mm spaced payload bay rods at the bottom of the ROV.

Let us know your thoughts!




That sounds like a good idea, also the addition of a specimen container/box would make it even better. That leap motion was awesome. I think my wife is gonna get this for me as a present. As long as we have your logo and serial number on it would it be alright to add other decals to represent my service?


Yeah sure! Let us know how it turns out and good luck!!!



Side thought,

Is there a blind spot with the ROV? If so, how would we control or restrict the turn radius of the arm so that it stays in the line of sight?