Add extra pair of lasers



I would like to add an extra pair of lasers that will be facing downwards but I have no idea where to plug them in and how to get software running to turn them on or off. Could you kickstart me? I have the 2.6 version ROV.

Thanks in advance,


The latest software (v30.0.3) is setup to run external lights, but the same concept could run another set of lasers. You can read through the documentation to get an idea of the process for the lights. If you want to run the lasers you will want the voltage to be at +5V not VBAT (step 4 of the external light build quide).

Let me know if you have additional questions about this.


Thank you for the clear explanation :slightly_smiling:. It will be a good time to check how dummy-proof the installation guide is :stuck_out_tongue:.