Add a Downward looking camera w PIP on topside!



Can someone help me w this ideal to add a 2nd camera on our OpenROV for Downward looking w. PIP on topside!!
John & Co.,

Additional Pro Cameras?

John did you ever get this going? The approach depends greatly on how you would mount the 2nd camera. Is the camera ultimately connecting via USB to the beaglebone like the default camera?


Thanks for reply on my request!!! I’m already look into that… Since BBBlk has only one USB input… Will need a mini usb hub - tube is with limited space for anything else…what you think on that???

& What about software coding … I’m not any good w that…



Sticking a powered mini usb hub works fine. Powered is key since the bbb can only provide a little over 500ma and each camera pulls around 400ma.

It will show up as a second /dev/video device and it is easy to start a new instance of mjpeg streamer to send the video to the browser. Then it become a UI question of how you want to display the video.


Was thinking that 2nd video will be as PIP & But, we be able switch between forward looking or downward as needed…just better ideal what beneath us as ROV going deeper…
2nd camera canbe mounted on either side of ROV in a waterproof housing?? & 2nd light source like: a hi-power led diving light cable tie next to it ( as needed for deeper dive…???)


Hi did you guys ever get this going? I’m using all the open ROV electronics on a build that i wanted to have a downward facing camera and forward.

anyway someone could walk me though what the code would look like to display the second camera? I would understand the HUD would not apply at that point and im good with that.