Action-type Camera Mount



I wanted to mount an underwater Action-type camera to get better quality video of the dives (1080p@30fps), since the onboard webcam only sends about 10 to 15 frames per second to the Cockpit. (I will still do screen-capture recordings of the Cockpit for logging purposes.)

I purchased an Astak CM-7200 ActionPro camera (older model, it has decent specs and can be purchased for under $150). I measured the smallest of the adhesive mounts and found it was just less than 1.5” by 2”. Looking at the OpenROV, the best place for the camera to mount was just above the e-tube. That way its view would be similar to that of the webcam and it could take advantage of the webcam lights. The problem with that area is that a mount would block the removal of the vertical thruster guard, making it difficult to spray silicone, replace the motor, or upgrade the propellers. The only area available without blocking the vertical thruster guard is about .5” wide.

I then got a 1.5” x 2” x .118” flat piece of acrylic and a 1.5” piece of acrylic 0.75” x 0.75” bar stock (this should have been 0.5” bar stock, I mis-measured). I then cemented the bar stock, centered side to side, just in front of the tab on the vertical thruster guard (I had removed the guard).

Note: Be very careful not to get cement in the area of the vertical thruster guard.

Then I cemented the 1.5” by 2” piece of acrylic to the top side of the acrylic bar, with the 1.5” side matching the 1.5” bar stock. I made the rear edge of the flat acrylic piece even with the edge of the bar stock. That way it wouldn’t interfere with the insertion and removal of the vertical thruster guard. The rest of the flat acrylic piece hangs over the e-tube sort of like a diving board.

The mount works well and it doesn't interfere with work on the vertical thruster. (Pictures below).


That looks great Dennis! Excited to see video from it.

We've mounted the GoPro to the top on several occasions. It works great.