Acrylic Tubing Cast v.s. Extruded


Hi my name is Nathan and I was wondering if anyone knows the depth rating of extruded acrylic v.s. cast. I understand that cast can with stand up to 100 meters but for my Rov the max depth would only be 50 meters. Since this is going to be my second ROV build for my high school next year and I am on a budget does anyone have any suggestions. Also has anyone ever had custom rubber seals made for there tubing ?



Here is the link to my gofundme


Hi Nathan:

I don’t think we’ve ever tested extruded acrylic tubes here at OpenROV. In addition to being weaker than cast, they generally have striations in the plastic that can lead to degraded camera image quality.

If you do end up using some extruded tubes, please write back on the forum and let everyone know how well they work!


Hi Walt,

Thanks for getting back to me. I am going to use cast tubes for now. Once I get my build finished I will take an extruded tube and see what the maximum range extruded tubes have before they crack.