Acrylic sticking substitutes


Can acrylic cement be substituted by Chloroform or industrial glue?
it seems impossible to get good acrylic cement where I live


Some information can be found in this thread.

I would not recommend glue that does not solve the two acrylic pieces. Make sure that the solvent cold welds the two pieces. You also need adhesive that is highly fluid so that i gets drawn into the cavities.


Hello @bash_

I did all with pure chloroform 98%. And it was nice and fast.
No problems until now, tried it in dives up to 60 meters.

I had to order it in another country, here in Spain, they don’t let you buy pure chloroform.


Thank you. Been waiting for sucha reply. I make architectural models with choloroform. So yea got plenty of it.


You can certainly do it with solvent alone if you are feeling lucky. The advantage that a cement has is that you are less likely to get gas entrapment and the acrylic polymer in the cement strengthens the weld.

If you have some spare acrylic or maybe even polystyrene hanging around, you can dissolve those in your chloroform for your own homemade but equally effective cement. Good luck.