Acrylic Missing?



We received our ROV kit in January and I am just openening now to beging construction. After going through the acrylic parts, it appears that either something has changed in the way the materials are cut, or I am missing pieces. I have attached two photos showing all pieces that were included in our kit. All pieces for the chassis were included, but I am scratching my head with the remainder to be used for the main internal body.

Can anyone confirm/help?

Remainder (Other than Chassis components)



Hey Charlie,
You got a 2.6 kit. We're updating the instructions and they are here:

There are slight differences from the 2.5. Sorry for the confusion!


No problem David, thanks for the quick response!


Greetings from Singapore!

I've also received my version 2.6 kit recently and started assembling but discover that I'm missing 2 pieces of the battery endcaps; quoted "the C shaped one" at Step 16 of the instructions.

I've checked the bag of acrylics carefully and have only taken out the pieces required as I build step by step, so I am sure I didn't misplace any pieces. How can I get the missing pieces now? Those 2 looks like very special and important pieces of the build.

I've attached a photo of all the endcaps pieces below.

The rest of the pieces in the big plastic bag of acrylics are show as follows:

Interestingly, I seem to have an extra piece of the main body frame (shaped like a letter "B") too. I've completed assembling the body frame.


Hey Hans,
Send me an email: and I'll get it sorted out.



In my kit one of the C-shaped parts were broken..but since they will be in the "permanent" glued end cap...I Guess it doesn't matter....

One broken part at the main body, see first pic under. I Guess this also Works fine since there is alot of supporting parts.

The pieces for the end cap was also to big to fit into the battery tubes and I had to grind them Down. Yes, I had removed the small "issues", (don't know the word for it), from the internal ends of the tubes. :)

Tom-Vidar Salangli