Acrylic glue is mistaken as a bomb at airport security!


When flying this past week, I was stopped by security and they checked my Android tablet for bomb chemicals and it tested positive, three times! Fortunately they let me through after much talking ... I almost missed my connection.

My suspicion is this: I use the tablet to step through the instructions in the assembly guide, and I think I got some of the acrylic glue on the back of it (I see a clear "spot"), and so it must somehow be the case that the acrylic glue has some chemicals that these bomb-testing machines are looking for.

The test they ran on the tablet looks like the one in the pictures here:


Oh no!! Sorry to hear about that experience!

That's interesting. Because I've brought an OpenROV through airport security many times before, and it's covered in acrylic glue.


That's great news you can bring an OpenROV onto the plane! I have not tried that (not done building it yet).

They only pick a subset of people to test for explosives. When you are picked, you know it: they take this little swab thing, rub it around on your hands, your computers/tables, etc., then carry the swab back to the machine for testing.

I sort of want to bring the acrylic glue to the airport next time and ask them to test that and see if it's what sets off the machine. But I have a feeling that would not go over very well :)


I just made my first trip thru airport security at IAH and they swabbed the rov and ethernet connector, every thing read negative.