Acrylic Cement in China


I have ordered a 2.8 kit on Dec 31. The kit may arrive in China within a month and I am now looking for reliable Acrylic Cement. Any brand(type) of acrylic cement is recommended ?



I am living in Germany and had the same problem.
The best thing to do is to go to a plexiglass workshop and ask them to fill a small bottle (30-50ml).
You only need very little…

Most of the acrylic cement is very unhealthy…
Here most of the workshops work with Acrifix 1s 117, which doesn´t contain dichlormethans ( which are toxic / cancer)
It is produced by Evonik, and only sold in 1 Kg Bottles.

Hope you can get it in China!



Hi,Roel. Thanks for your recommendation. I have a question about the Acrifix s 117. Is it only produced by Evonik? Because it seems that I found another French company also sells this kind of cement, or maybe I have seen it wrong…


Also, I also found the type ARICFIX S 116, 192…I don’t know wheather they are ok…


Acrifix 1s 117 is from evonik…

and 117 is the right one… you need thin cement…like water, which flows into the joints.
it works perfectly.