Acoustic Location System


What has happened to this forum?

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thanks for your interest. I continue to work on this project, but have been working on Trident data integration at the moment and will get back to signal processing shortly. See: Software Exploration - DDS and the Trident #2 for the Trident integration work.

I do have code that runs on a micro-controller (even an ESP-32) that will sample analog data points and send them as JSON to the Raspberry Pi that runs on the Trident via wi-fi (need to test wi-fi from an external housing to Trident in underwater conditions). I could do the signal processing on the RPi and then merge the data (time difference of arrival values) into the Trident data stream. That along with depth data should be enough to calculate location relative to the surface acoustic transmitters. I have also been looking at sensor fusion approaches (attended a MATLAB sensor fusion workshop that was interesting) which would combine acoustic data with IMU and other pertinent data.