Accessing cloud 9 bbb code directly



i need to know whether we can access OpenROV code directly through usb + beaglebone on cloud 9.
by default it can be access at
before we load ROV image. now im working on something and its quite challenging to assemble the whole hardware to be able to access cloud9.
any suggestions is appreciated



You can access Cloud9 on the BBB with the OpenROV software. Check out the release notes for the port number.


You can also ssh into the ROV and modify the code with standard linux tools (not using cloud9).

See the Connectivity, Cloud9, and Command Line sections of this guide for information about the various ways you can connect to the ROV and modify the software:


thank you all…
@Brian_Grau you mean that its possible to access the code on cloud9 without full rov system right? just beaglebone+usb only…?
@charlesdc thanks charles, im quite new to programming… i had work with few IDE for microcontroller, but using ssh quite challenging for me


The address I gave is for connection through the RJ-45, but yes.


To clarify on what Brian said, you can connect to the beaglebone without the full system, but I don’t think we have the network configuration set up to support connection over USB anymore (I may be wrong, but I am somewhat sure this is the case). You will need to power the board with a USB cable and use an Ethernet cable to connect to it. Then you can use Cloud9 with just the beaglebone using the address Brian gave.


ok, will try… thanks:slight_smile: