Access Hatch Sealant



Could any body recommend a suitable sealant to use between two aluminium surfaces.It is an access hatch to the electronics which is housed in perspex tubing with delrin end capsand a bouancy control system using bladders. In the past I have used Sikaflex 291 but I am looking for a sealant that does not cure and less permanent than the Sikaflex. As I need to get access at the end of a trial. I am using seals for the main body of the ruv for a watertight compartment but again any ideas as most sealants can interfere with the tolerence fit of the seals. Maybe a brush on application?.

In the past I have used a Thiokol sealant for fuel tanks (aircraft) and wondered if this would be suitable?

Thanks and hope to get unstuck soon!



That sounds pretty elaborate! Can we see pictures of your build?