About the potential thrusters entanglement


Hi, first of all great great idea about this Open ROV project.

I have an idea to avoid thrusters entanglement, we can screw something like chicken wire (but thiner) on the frames to protect them. Why screwing them? Just for an easier maintenance in case of a breakdown.


wire mesh is exactly what you do not want as a filter screen. long stringy things will wrap around it and not "shed" off to the side, which is what you want.

I suggest looking at existing boat screens for inspiration. you want smooth outer surfaces so that things don't catch. you want large intake surface area so that water velocity is low, so that things are less likely to get "sucked in" or get plastered across the face of your screen.

Research existing solutions before reinventing the wheel please


Hi kjw, thanks for your answer and advices.

Just a tiny thing : I was not reinventing the wheel but sharing my point of view, thing you done great.


Its commonly used on bigger work rov’s. But it reduce your power a bit.
But it can definitly save u some times, especially if you have nice thin neutrally buoyant tether… Or thin floating ropes sticking up… If one of your thrusters snagges som line its going to get tangled.