About OpenROV's wireless control


As the news mentioned last year(http://www.tested.com/art/makers/455670-openrovs-eric-stackpole-tal...), it will have Internet control! So exciting! And my question: just want to double check if I can control OpenROV in the water without any lines connected or not?


Water absolutely devours EM radiation. If you wanted to do true wireless, my guess the max depth you could get would be MAYBE a meter. A tether is really the only realistic way to maintain communications with the ROV.


But why can't we still controll the ROV via wireless gamepads?

Meaning wireless gamepad(e.g xbox 360) connected to our laptop intead of keyboards...


This is totally possible. The only problem with this right now is a software one, not one with physics.


I found this site https://code.google.com/p/x360ce/

It says something about it?


Wireless ROV control is the semi-elusive dream of every marine Technology geek and ROV pilot. There are some projects that have shown promise. Two issues persist... First is the carrier media - RF vs Acoustic. I understand that there has been some success in the commercial and military arena with this.

VHF & UHF are pretty much eliminated because they just do not penetrate water well. Experiments with LF and VLF show more potential. Acoustics work well underwater until the acoustic wave encounters a solid obstacle or thermal layer. Second is band width limitations. A multi-band setup might allow for sufficient bandwidth.

One possible way around some of these limitations would be to set up repeater buoys and submerged antenna or hydrophone at various positions throughout the ROV operations area. This would help to alleviate the distance and signal attenuation issues. Just an idea.


But, what about getting able to control our small babies with a wireless gamepad?
Intead of using the keys on the laptop keyboard.... any solutions out there?


Thx replies above. However, wireless transmission seems so difficult underwater. I am planning to study more, like this book. ( http://www.amazon.com/Underwater-Signal-Processing-Joseph-Hassab/dp/0849368006 ) Has anyone read it before?


Hi Tom-Vidar
As I wrote in one of my other posts, I use a Logitec 710 wireless gamepad. I didn’t try it with the latest software, but it works fine with 2.5 29
I expect it to work with the latest release as well, but I still have to try. I am to busy to update my software.


It 'works' with the 360 wireless. But I could not get the joystick to stay centered. So motors were always turning one way or another.

I think I will try the logitec 710 as hub suggested!


I use the logitech 710. And it work without any problems.


Superb. …Any spesial software needed?
or Just buy one And install it?


make sure to update your rov. Then you wil see the the controller icon on top of your cockpit. Remember to press a key on the logitech when loading the cockpit.
Button instruction is in the settings tab if i remember correctly.