A rov on wheels!


Hello ,
I am thinking about building a ROV.
As it’s mainly to explore fish life, on a specific lake, with a pretty flat and weed-free bottom, I am considering building a ROV on wheels.
I think it has the following advantages:

  • quieter evolution.
  • and more precise positioning.

For this specific lake, I have no need for thrusters to evolve in mid waters. But, as I know I might regret not being able to swim in mid waters in other lakes, I am considering building a classic rov, but with wheels in addition.

MY main preoccupation is noise, aren’t thrusters too noisy and scary for fishes?
I would really appreciate feedbacks on this.
Thank you very much!


In my experience the noise thrusters make doesn’t seem to have much effect on fish. They definitely were aware of my ROV’s presence, but I didn’t have any problem flying in their vicinity. I’ve also found that having wheels on the bottom of the ROV can be a big help while flying on the bottom. I used a set of rollers on the bottom of my Deep Trekker to keep it from snagging on the bottom (which it tended to do without the rollers).


I can confirm @Stretch’s opinion. See this post where i dive after an fish swarm, at some point they were as close as a meter. I did not feel that they were particularly scared of the ROV.

I also think that adding powered wheels to the ROV is a big modification and surely needs a lot of time and passion. Simply adding unpowered ones might be a smart first step solution. Please keep us updated on your progress!


Hello everybody!
So I was quite busy, but I finally started to build my rov on wheel!
In the end It have almost nothing to do with openROV as the mechanic is different, and I don’t use the openrov software and electronic :sweat_smile:
But it’s a ROV!
I gonna use my own code and electronic based on raspi-and arduino nano!
Here are a few pics, because everybody loves pics!

So… Why pink? well… its all 3d printed and it was my last and only roll :slight_smile:
I will have to varnish all this to make it watertight.
New pics will follow for next steps!
I would love to have your impressions and feedbacks.


Quite impressive to be honest, even though I don’t yet fully understand the concept. How are the wheels operated? Where will you put the drive? Will there be a steering function available? (And a lot more questions.) Anyway, keep it up and and going!