A potential new software glitch in Trident

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing a potential new software glitch on one of my Tridents. It is unable to be found by Cockpit and I am unable to SSH into it.

This Trident powers up and obtains an IP address on my WiFi network when I use a button magnet. It also powers up and obtains an IP address on my WiFi network when the tether is connected just like it does with the button magnet. The topside module powers up when the tether is connected however it stops at two green LED’s instead of three (the LED under the tick symbol remains un-lit). The topside module appears to create its WiFi network and the controller tablet is able to connect to this WiFi network as usual however Cockpit is unable to ‘find’ the Trident.

When I attempt to SSH into it from within Ubuntu ‘Files’ using ssh://ipaddress (or sftp://ipaddress), I get an error popup that says I am unable to access the location and that the connection is refused by the server (it normally requests username and password and then proceeds to show the directory structure).


My other Trident is not affected by this glitch. I have connected both topside modules to the affected Trident with the same end result. Both topside modules work with the other Trident so I am pretty sure it is a glitch on just the one Trident.

I am currently running the glitching Trident to flatten the batteries in the hope it powers off and re-sets itself as mentioned in the battery topic Batteries won't charge on new Trident - #4 by h.lundqvist

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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After a long wait to run the batteries flat, this did not fix the problem. It takes a very long time to flatten the batteries when you cannot operate the motors or turn the lights on!

At this stage, after recharging the batteries, Cockpit still searches endlessly for the Trident after successfully connecting to the topside module.

I can still see it on the WiFi network, I can ping it, I can see it has an open port for SSH but I just can’t connect to it…

This is what I see in terminal.

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I wish I could help, but I have not had any issues like this at all.

My only connectivity issues would happen when there were too many Wifi signals from other devices. Not sure why this caused the issue, when around lots of other Wifi signals I would have extremely difficult time connecting to the Trident. Also, When I did get connected, it would have issue keeping the connection. This only happened when I was trying to get my videos off the Trident or doing pre-dive test runs of all the motors and lights. When out at the bays or in a caves, there was no issue due to lack of other Wifi. My solution at home was to go down into my Dirt Lab which is shielded from most outside Wifi. I no longer have any connectivity issues with the Trident at home, as long as I do the work in the Dirt Lab.


Thanks Michael,

I will let you know if I find a solution.

Kind regards