A more durable tether?


I'm aware that there are currently many discussions going on about tether lengths on the forum, but I wanted to point the conversation more towards the area of heavier duty tethers and possibly removable tethers. The context of this, is that our ROV would be running in coves along the sea floor looking for ground water springs. However, these coves bottoms tend to be littered with sharp volcanic rocks which could possibly cut the ROV tether.

To prevent loosing the ROV and the very expensive sensors on board I have started looking into attaching a new tether to the ROV. We would most likely use diving connectors to make it removable (although not ideal, they'll have to do - see link below). Any suggestion on what wire I could use for a tether and where I could purchase it from to create an "armored" tether that won't put too much extra drag on the ROV?

The only other idea that I have is running a rope of some type up along with the tether, but I am trying to avoid having to do that.





Hi Patrick:

We're looking right now at some options for heavier-duty tether, but it will be a while before anything is available in the store.

I think the best solution in the short-term is to make sure that your tether is neutrally buoyant, using floats or whatever else you can. If you're dragging your tether on the bottom, you're pretty much guaranteed to get a snag somewhere, and even having an armored cable won't necessarily help you.