A little guidance please.. High School ROV Program


Im a teacher for a high school robotics program in Humble Tx. We are trying to build an underwater ROV for MATE. Mouser Electronics is an approved vendor of ours. Ive heard that i need a beagle bone blue system to make a great underwater ROV. Im looking for some kind of list of parts i need to order and a guide to put it together. Im needing to start relatively basic level and i can learn how to modify from there.

Thank you to anyone willing to help me out!



Here is everything you might want to know about the BeagleBone Blue.

It looks like a good choice for a ROV as it has eight PWM outputs and an IMU along with power management.

Looks like all you would need is to add a compass and a way to communicate topside for a complete control unit.

Of course you will need Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) to allow the BB Blue to control your thrusters.

Basically you can use the BB Blue to duplicate the OROV2.8 Controller without having to have a separate Arduino Board to go with the original Beagle Bone.

It sounds like a three thruster ROV configuration should work for you.

You might get in touch with this forum member as he seems to be trying to get the BB Blue programmed with the OROV Cockpit.