A glimpse at the Oceans 13 conference


This week I attended the "Oceans 2013" conference held in San Diego, CA. I was asked to speak on a panel about ocean exploration, and I was amazed to see how big the event was. Oceans 2013 is a conference put on by IEEE and Marine Technology Society. This year, there were more then 300 exhibits and several dozen presentations about technology and practices happening in the world of ocean technology and research.

Walking around the exhibit hall, it was awesome to see how many large companies there are who focus just on marine sensing technology, and I was amazed at how many different products are out there, all trying to address the needs of ocean explorers.

As large as this conference was, it still seemed to be catered to a fairly closed group of people "in the biz". With technology constantly allowing us to have more access to far away places, I hope the ocean will soon become a place that many more people work with and understand in the same way they interact with far away places on land. It's all part of our world, after all!