50 - 60m Tether OPTION on a std spool, can we have one


Dear Open ROV, is it possible you could look at a 50-60m tether option that could wind on to the standard hand spool, as opposed to the 100m tether. As i noted a few weeks ago, I found the 30m tether to short and I would rather not carry around the 100m winding spool, something that could fit on the std spool would be great, your thoughts appriciated, best WEZ


Thank you for the feedback. 50m of tether neatly wound on the reel is the maximum amount where the spool still fits in the packaging, a little shorter allows for some sloppier tether wrapping. Would you want this on a new spool or just a loose tether with connectors that you would wind yourself onto your existing spool to replace your 25m tether? Are there other helpful lengths of tether?


Brian, I 2nd the desire for this.

What may really behoove us is a extendable tether system. Coupling so that one could increase in say 10 meter seconds or decrease.

Something to consider…


Sorry i thought i posted a reply days ago, , a 50m tether would be good on a new spool, i note Brians idea of a connecting tether system which would be great if it could be made to work, but i guess the weight of the two connecting plugs would need to be dealt with which could present additional problems with toeing large buoyant connectors and fouling risks, my own preference would be a series of single continuous tethers say at 50M and 70-75m, for the spool, you may look and making a two piece sandwich type construction that would snap together so that when fully closed up this suits 50m and if pulled apart to next snap point a 75M tether could be wound on, ie keep to std products with flexibility


Thanks for the feedback. You have hit some of the nails on the head regarding the challenges that have to be solved to connect segments together.

Going beyond 50m with this spool design will be a challenge given that it is a tooled part and all the ripple effects with packaging and general usability.

Another thing we have found is with longer lengths, tether management is important and a spool with a handle is much less fatiguing and easier to use in the field, rather than hand winding. What are your thoughts about this?