5 Minute System Timeout


System boots and comes online after about a minute and then after about 5 minutes the web interface hangs and the system is not responsive. A reboot is the only thing that brings it back. I have seen the thread about updating the BB and Arduino which I have done. Are there any other tricks? Thanks in advance.


Hmmm... this really does sound like you still have the old version of the software. Could you post a link to what code you used to update your SW? As a test, try plugging the tether into a router and logging into it through that (you'll have to figure out what ip address the router assigns to the ROV first). If that fixes the problem then it is very likely that you don't yet have the updated software on your BB.



Alright...Logging into system through router (not direct connect) stays alive for more than 5 minutes. I double checked the direct connect again and it still only stays alive for 5 minutes. What would be the difference with an IP doled out by my DHCP server in my subnet and one that is a private IP? What ever it is the DHCP IP has been running for over 45 minutes ok.

Just to be sure I ran the script to update the BB and all went fine. You can see the tail below.

rov@OpenROV:/opt/openrov$ tail -20 /var/log/openrov.log
initiating camera on
Started listening on port: 8080
spawning capture process...
emitted 'videoStated'
camera started
child process exited with code 1
stderr: MJPG Streamer Version: svn rev:
i: Using V4L2 device.: /dev/video0
i: Desired Resolution: 1920 x 1080
i: Frames Per Second.: 15
i: Format............: MJPEG
Unable to set format: 1196444237 res: 1920x1080
Init v4L2 failed !! exit fatal
i: init_VideoIn failed

sending photos to web client
sending arduino settings to web client

Now here is where it gets fuzzy for me. Please help with Arduino update. In video the rov.tara.gz file just appears in the options. Where and how do I get the correct firmware archive? This could actually be part of my problem.

Thanks in advance.


Does anyone have advise how to help me with the Cape update. I am trying to demo at the WI State Fair on Wednesday. Thanks in advance.


I have the same issue. The network cuts out after 5 min.

Here is the train of events for me. I have gone through it a few times:

Install image:

- It works but has some occasional network interruptions.

Update manually:

- when starting up after update, it gives ERR (RE: npm).

-I follow instructions to install npm. I get errors and one of them is that 'the device is full' (words to that effect.)

- I expand the image to fill the SD card (I do this right after installing the image now of course)

- npm installs but I still often have to try it twice before it comes out working.

- sudo /etc/init.d/openrov start

- ROV is now running over router, But only runs for 5min direct. It seems to dump the network rather than freezing.

Calibrating Motors:

- The network gets wonky as I calibrate the motors and cuts out just as I seem to finish the Vertical motor. This is over router connection. It happened twice (I don't get how the two would be connected.)

Is there another link for the image file? Or is the problem not the image but that it isn't updating? The cockpit does change quite a lot from the update.


I just fixed mine using what Brian Adams posted here: https://github.com/OpenROV/openrov-image/issues/11

I think Eric is correct that we have the old image. Which means that the old image must be the one that is linked right now because that is the one I used.

I followed Brians instructions to edit /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf

sudo nano /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf

and added these lines:

lease {
interface "eth0";
option subnet-mask;
option routers;
renew 2 2037/1/12 00:00:01;
rebind 2 2037/1/12 00:00:01;
expire 2 2037/1/12 00:00:01;

I rebooted and switched to the direct connection. It has been up 11+ min now. More than double! Hooray!

Thanks Brian. :)


Yes this does work. I forgot to post the solution sorry.



This was in fact due to a timeout problem with the DHCP.

The solution posted below (based on Brians post fixes it.

You can download the latest disk image (see http://openrov.com/profiles/blogs/new-ubuntu-image) as well. That comes with that fix built in.