404 error in link on top of forum

The “OpenROV” link on the top left of every page leads to https://openrov.com, which has a 404 error page.
I tried to put a screenshot of the error, but my account is limited to one picture per post.

There is no content. Maybe the link should lead to main page of the forum instead?

Here’s the screenshot of the error message:

Works for me, but I had a problem when I tried to Log In with Firefox with HTTPS-Only Mode enabled. I had to add a site exception for Discourse.

FF → Settings → Privacy & Security → HTTPS-Only Mode → Manage Exceptions

Same issue here. Autodirect to https, even though that’s disabled in settings.

DNS also can’t locate store.openrov.com or blog.openrov.com.

I’m having the same issue. Has the homepage and blog been taken down, or am I missing something?