3d ROV animations - cinematic style missions


hello ROVers!

i am fascinated by the things modern rovs can do. so fascinated that i started to produce 3d movies about the possible missions that are performed by off shore oil companies.

i checked some videos made by companies that produce 3d but i found most of them bit boring.

so what im trying to do is to spice up the rovs presentation and tasks to make it more exciting for customers, audience and internally in a company. i want them to become exciting mini movies with audio and narration. like in the discovery channel!

i would like that you rovers take a look into it, perhaps you like it and we can start a collaboration. i made a FANTASY ROV, it is not technically accurate nor it tries to be, its just a demo on how a project could be presented.

my video: www.3drenderingdesign.com

thanks for your opinions, hints and possible cooperation!




It might be really cool if everybody contributed small clips to make one full movie.