3d Printed pressure hull in ABS


Hello everybody,
I am currently trying to develop a ROV.
As I have neither a lathe or a mill but I have a 3d printer (an XYZprinting) I have try to do a pressure hull in 3d printed ABS.
After few months of effort I have finally a working prototype which has been tested up to 10 bars!
The main trick is to use epoxy resin to waterproof your parts.
I have done a video to share the process with everybody because as far as I am aware it is quite new:

I hope I will be able to work on the project and have a full hull soon!


Nice! One question, ABS as I know it is somewhat porous and perhaps unsuitable for deep diving? Have you depth tested the haul?


Sorry misread, 10 bars, interesting indeed


You are right, ABS 3d printed is porous (but normal ABS is not). It is due to the printing process. I once print a vase 1 mm thick and water was going through it by some invisible holes. So you can imagine the results with 10 bars…
The first idea to correct this is to use acetone. The problem is that it only create a thin layer over the bubbles, it does not add any stuff.
The other solution, the best according to me, is to use epoxy resin.