3d-printed parts?


Anyone made something interesting that can be used with the trident?


I made a gripper. You find it on thingiverse.com search for trident openrov


yes I found that one before I made this post :slight_smile: anyways I did post under the comment section on your thing. looks like you use som rubberbands. and you say it triggers when pushing the center. do you have any example when to use it? any video showing it in action? would be nice to see the parts working togheter.


I’ll try to add a video on the thingiverse page tomorrow:)


https://www.dropbox.com/s/scm4vlgvvvefmzi/2e9b562e-3818-41a7-a8e0-97e493c26d4f.mp4?dl=0 there is a video og v2 retrieving v1 :stuck_out_tongue: let me know when you have seen it so i can remove the link


nice. Looks like it works pretty good.
I like it. will absolutely have this in mind if i get an idea to make something myself. would be cool to make something that also could pickup heavier things.like a hook that attaches to the object and deataches from trident. that can be picked up with a rope for example.