3D Printed Battery Tube Cap Puller


This is a little 3D printed tool that slips onto the battery tube so that you can easily pull off the end tube caps without hurting your fingers.

I've found that removing the rov's battery tube end caps with my fingers is challenging and painful because you have to forcefully use the tips of the fingers to slowly back off the cap. Also I do not think it would be possible to remove the caps if you were wearing gloves.

To use just snap the puller onto the tube and place two fingers behind the tool and pull, the end cap will easily slide off because pressure on the cap is evenly distributed.

Source files (Sketchup and .stl) can be found on Thingverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:97728

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ckg9T0Yartw


Marcus- This is great!!! Now I want to make a laser-cut version to that we can use here as well. How much nicer it will be to have that tool! Thanks for the great idea!



Oh man. This is amazing. My fingers thank you!!


Marcus, thank you for this great idea!

Since I haven't access to a 3D printer, I quickly built something similar from a rigid piece of plastic (I used an old plastic plate). The cirular cutout was made with a hole saw fitting the diameter of the battery tubes. Not as beautiful as your solution, but it works...

- Stefan


Good adaptation! How is it working for you? Pretty easy to get the end caps off now?


Well, it's probably not as stable as yours look like, but the end caps come off quite easily now. Much better than breaking my fingernails like I did before and it's also no longer necessary to unmount the battery tubes (which I still use to fix with zip ties - I would love to have a clip-on solution like the one you developed!).