3D printed and optimized inner structure (v2.6)


We have been working on our OpenROV version2.6 and we optimized the inner structure a little bit (weight reduction and aerodynamic) and converted into a 3D printable version. Because we have the intension to build more than 1 OpenROV, this saves us a lot of glueing/building time. Beside the weight reduction we have made the design also more areodynamic by rounding of sharp corners. In the 3D printable design there are also more zip-ties possibilities for cable routing. The weight reduction we achieved is done with the intension to install small external scuba lamps.

So I would like to share this 3D printed version with you, go to my webshop on Shapeways.(there is no profit on the actual price)


1-3D_printed_version_OpenROV.jpg (747 KB)


coooool :slight_smile:
have you thought on mod for even better vertikal water flow through the rov?


We decided to print the inner camera top en bottom structure and the endcap for the camera enclosure also.

I put them online for you (version 2.6)



But, what about making these endcaps to fit the new O-rings to the V.2.7 model?
They have better sealing capability?
Same with the battery tube end caps.

Can you guys mod the V2.6 encaps to fit these new O-ring dimensions?

Tom-Vidar Salangli


Nice job !

Can you share the .Stl ? Because I have a 3d Printer at home :wink:

If you have use GoogleSketup, I’m interest for .skp