360 degree camera


Kodak has bought out a new 360 degree camera that is in a waterproof case much like a GoPro Its is now fully usable with YouTube new 360 degree viewing & is amazing. With this camera you will never miss a target again. Even on the Primary flight you may only be looking forward, but after you are able to view your recorded video in any direct or even wearing VR Googles looking from inside a dome. A sample of the 360 degree viewed footage is able to be seen here Kodak SP360 & you can move the viewable window with your A W S D keys.

Pretty Kewl, I can see my self zipping along with my Trident having strapped one of these bad boys underneath & viewing my FPV immersed experience with a Oculus Rift VR headset.
Wow, now youll have the interest of every gamer out there as well LOL

Vuze (or other) 360/stereo 180 camera and Trident

This is really cool! Also the fact that the waterproof housing is good to ~200 ft, and it costs only $280 USD makes it really interesting. We’ll look into mounting solutions for this on the Trident and see how it goes :smiley:


There is also another camera thats nearly available with two 360 dome cameras back to back. this will have full spherical view capability. But as the Kodak SD360 is waterproof cased & cheap, I would put one on top & one on the bottom.
See it ALL :smile:


I wonder if there is any syncing+stitching software that would let you meld
the two views… That would be really really cool!!! I wonder if the sp360
(or future versions of it) has/will have wireless video streaming like the
gopro; if so we might be able to grab the video and pipe it back up to the
surface live!


I just spent a bit of time and 720 degree cameras are already available but not as a action camera YET! here are some links to have a look at.
ic720 seems pretty kewl with streaming capabiliy. I can see it mounted with one lense on top & one underneath with single video feed & VR goggle ready!

ic720 http://ic720.com/

Streamed demo http://techcrunch.com/2015/01/04/allie/


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This 360 camera is amazing. Just right for my budget.

Any other brand that you can recommend guys? That would be helpful.

Thank you!