30.0.3 OpenROV Software Suite Released


Our latest maintenance release for the software that runs on the ROV is out. While this is technically a "point" release with no new features, there are a lot of major behind the scene to make things faster and more reliable.

This release has been tested on controller-board based ROVs (2.5-2.8 kits).

Flash Image : Burn it to a SD card, the SD card then programs the built in FLASH memory on the ROV. Remove the card and dive!

SD Card Image: Burn it to a SD card that stays in your ROV while you dive.

Quick Notes:

The beep sequence has changed. The first beep now waits 10 seconds after applying power. There is no longer a second beep when the ROV is "ready". Instead the lights will flash for a few seconds.

Some things new:

Web-SSH: We have added an web based ssh client. No more putty or ssh command-line tools needed. This is available on port 3009 of your ROV. Either or http://openrov.local:3009.

mDNS: If you have a modern O/S, Windows 10, or an older version of windows with iTunes installed, you should be able to communicate to the ROV using http://openrov.local. You no longer need to know the IP address of the ROV. If you have any problem, the static IP address still works.

Some things better

Boot: The boot time is down to about 45 seconds

Lots of things fixed

Flashing Lights: The random flashing lights are fixed. There are only two situations where the lights will start flashing. Either the ROV has finished booting and it flashes for a few seconds, or the system is having trouble communicating with your browser window... probably because it is no longer in the foreground.

Boot reliability: Lots of fixes to ensure the ROV boots up reliably every time.

Image corruption: Again, lots of work done to reduce any change of image corruption.

Internet Updates: They are working again. This should be the last required SD card download to upgrade for a while.

Internet downloaded Plugins: They are working again!

Cloud9: Has been fixed with the latest and greatest. You can now update code in real-time on the running ROV form port 3131 of your ROV.

IMU2: Lots of stability improvements for all ROV versions.

and more ... that you can discuss in the release notes.

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