3 octopus


Hi all

One of our guests came off their boat today with video of 3 octopus they caught in their prawn trap. My first thought was that it would be nice to view them with the ROV. But it’s a big ocean and that seems like a impossible task even if you know close to where they would be. So I thought why not lure them to me rather then go looking for them. My proposal would be to fasten a bait payload to the ROV and place it in location then sit back and wait to see what sea life arrives. I could use the lifesaver idea to release it should something large decide to take it. Has anyone tried this idea?



Hi :-)

Octopuses love caves. If you are located on a mostly sandy environment, the best thing for "calling" an octopus is setting a kind of jar at the bottom. They will "love" that new house and will be always available for you.

For smell disemination sardine bait is quite good.



Traps usually have lines tied to floats for retrieval. why not put a ring on that line, tied to the ROV so the ROV can use the line as a guide to the trap? That has the benefit of letting the bait soak and attract fish (octopi) for a long time in advance of the ROV inspection.


If you dive and explore you can find them. There are quite a few areas around that will almost always have them. Look for large pipes underwater or the telltale shell garden- always shows an octopus den.

Here are some photos i have taken freediving.