200’ down in Prince William Sound, AK


Deep dive in Prince William Sound, AK.

Found Tanner crabs, coonstripe and northern shrimp, sculpin (Irish Lord) and I’m not sure what the skinny fish is, perhaps a northern ronquil, there were actually lots of those down there.

Still working on the dropweight idea to eliminate tether drag.



Nice footage. I’ve been 250’ down over similar mud in Puget Sound and found the same eelpout that appears just after the crab footage. Are you using the velcro at the stern on the tether? I made a loop of small lashing line from the velcro to the tether at the serrated plastic just behind the screw for security instead. I tied it with a rolling hitch there so that i pulls more at the center of gravity. I don’t think the Trident likes to drag the tether from its tail.