2 Part End Cap Design


I was just watching a video on underwater gliders and notice that they use a very ingenious method for sealing the end caps, which I thought was worth sharing.

Basically they use two plates, which bolt together and in doing so squeeze an oring pushing it out against the inside of the tube. You’ll see what I mean in the video. The specific part of the video is at 2:00

This method seems far more reliable than relying on the dimensional interference between the oring and tube, to generate the sealing of the oring.


An interesting find. However I have had excellent sealing success with both the OpenROV unconstrained O ring configuration and the Blue Robotics constrained dual O ring configuration.
I have achieved a 540 mm Hg vacuum on the OpenROV WTC for over two hours while the Blue Robotics End Cap configuration has held a 540 mm Hg vacuum for over 24 hours with the loss of only 10 mm Hg.