2.8 Open Source Files


We have always welcomed hacking and modifying of the OpenROV platform. In order to make this as easy as possible we put the files for the hardware, electronics, and software all online and available for the community.

We released the OpenROV v2.8 about a month and a half ago and have all the files together and available for you to use for your hacking purposes.

CAD Files
OpenROV v2.8 Inventor Files
OpenROV v2.8 STEP Files
OpenROV v2.8 DXF Files

OpenROV v2.8 Controller Board
OpenROV v2.8 Light Board
OpenROV v2.8 Topside Board (same for v2.6, v2.7, v2.8)

Software Repository

We hope this gets you started to modifying your OpenROV for your specific needs.

If you run across any issues with any of the files please open an issue on the respective GitHub page so we can track it and solve the problem.

Happy Hacking!

Version 2.8 Announcement
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