2.8 Kit contents enough to go diving?


Hi all,
I am about to head home from a year in Antarctica and have been looking at buying an OpenROV 2.8 kit.
Just wanted to check if the kit is complete, excluding batteries to use the ROV or do I still need to buy the topside adapter or anything else to make it useable?

Any suggestions are appreciated, even regarding other parts to buy for it.



I believe the 2.8 kit has everything you need except a computer to run it.


You’ll need a computer and batteries, plus some epoxy and acrylic cement. I think the website has a list of tools you’ll need, plus suggestions on epoxy and cement. The tools are pretty simple, like a screwdriver, wire stripper, soldering iron and such.

Note that your computer will need to have an Ethernet (RJ-45) port. Many laptops these days don’t have one. In that case, you’ll need to get a USB-to-Ethernet adapter.



I have no shortage of tools or epoxy. Computer is easy just wasn’t sure if I needed to order a topside adaptor as well and a tether.


those are included in the kit.