2.8 failing to connect. Cockpit shows "ROV Offline"

Hi there, anyone able to help.

I have a 2.8 which has been laid up due to Coronovirus restrictions on access to waterways in the UK. I have been routinely recharging batteries, etc.

Today, I set up for a dive, not expecting any problems. Unfortunately, I have been unable to get a connection from the laptop to the ROV. The cockpit comes up blank, with no camera and no controls. The top Left of the cockpit shows that the ROV is “Offline”. I have all lights normal at the topside box, and the start-up sequence is completed on the ROV.

To try and remedy the situation, I am running Firmware 31.0.0 rv7 and have changed the SD card in case it was corrupted, with no success. My Ethernet IP connection is set to automatic DHCP

Does anyone have any suggestions that I could try to remedy this. Thank you.

Hi I have, the same problem ,my 2X series was siting in a self for a wile waiting this pandemic stop , the last time was working with no problems using 31.0.0 RC7 Now, stop working, also the 31.0.0 RC4 stop working , please any help, thank you.

For anyone following this thread, responses were continued on the post Chrome updates keep causing OpenROV grief