2.8 Build Instructions no longer available online?

I’m in the middle of a v2.8 build and discovered the build instructions are no longer available on the “dozuki” site where they were once hosted. Would anyone possibly have these still available? Thanks for your help!


Processing: Electronic Tube Endcaps Guide.7z…

Where did you get the kit from?

I only have the Electronic Tube Endcaps Guide, but it is a start.

Unfortunately the file is too big and they won’t allow the upload of zip files. Sorry


Thanks very much! I’m a little past this step, but hoping someone else will have the rest of the instructions so I won’t have to just wing it. I’ve had the kit for a while, just hasn’t started the build kit until earlier this year.

I’m happy to host the files online once we can get the complete versions so they are back available to all.


I got most, if not all of this instructions if you need…

Just let me know or throw me an email: diveexplorer@dive-explorer.com

Does using the mirror at archive.org provide what you are looking for?
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A couple members have reached out to me and helped me get exactly what I needed. Thank you so much to everyone!


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