2.8 build finished but electronics not centered in tube


Finished building my 2.8 kit with all the extra goodies (IMU, Pro camera, light cubes). Everything works as it should on the bench, but when I finally put on the e-tube and sealed it up, the chassis doesn’t seem to be centered.

The camera will tilt all the way “up”, but can’t go “down” past the center point, the o-rings that hold on the corrective lens hit the e-tube…you see them press against the tube when you try to tilt the camera down.

I don’t remember anywhere along the way where I thought “how should this piece fit”. As I recall, all the pieces that fit together for the chassis fit pretty tight.

What could I adjust at this point to give the camera the proper clearance?


I have built one of the 2.8 Controller Boards with the new HD-Pro Camera Upgrade and have checked it out functionally on my test bench wiring harness though I have not installed it in the WTC.

To the best of my knowledge the alignment of the Controller Board in the WTC is dictated by the position of the DB-25 connector mounted on the Pass-Through End Cap. Any misalignment of the DB-25 connector on the End Cap or a misalignment of the Pass-Though End Cap plates could cause the Controller Board to be misaligned in the WTC causing the O ring straps to contact the inside of the WTC?

However, I just took a look at my 2.8 Controller Board with the new HD-Pro Camera Upgrade and determined that the O ring straps should not hit the inside of the WTC if the Camera Platform has been assembled and installed correctly on the Electronics Chassis.

You can verify the correct assembly and installation of the Camera Platform in the Electronics Chassis by laying the Electronics Chassis with the camera facing down on a flat surface. If the Camera Platform has been assembled and installed correctly on the Electronics Chassis you should be able to manually swing the Camera Platform back and forth from its center position, while rotating the Electronics Chassis from side to side, without it contacting the flat surface. If the O rings are contacting the flat surface at any point in the swing of Camera Platform from its center position, then you may have some kind of assembly error in either the Camera Platform or the Electronics Chassis.

Could you possibly provide some pictures of the Controller Board in the WTC and of the Pass-Through End Cap?


Thanks, I may have figured it out.

I did the test you mentioned about rotating the camera with the chassis out on the bench and the o rings would touch the bench the entire time, no matter what tilt angle or chassis position. So the camera is obviously protruding too far forward.

Then I remembered that while installing the camera platform on the chassis I had a lot of space between the ends of the platform and the chassis walls (going back through the build instructions it does state to make sure those end pieces on the camera platform are “flush in both directions and at a 90 degree angle”…maybe I didn’t set them right)
So I ended up putting an extra plastic nut between the chassis wall and the camera platform bracket as a spacer on the non-servo side.
When I remove that “spacer” and tighten down the screws the two attachment legs of the camera platform pull slightly outwards toward the chassis walls, effectively pulling the front of camera back a little…just enough to give clearance.

I didn’t boot it up, but I could rotate the camera platform manually inside the tube so it should be fine. I just hope the pressure on those end pieces doesn’t translate into another problem down the road.



Glad to hear that you found the problem and were able to correct it.:slight_smile: