2.7 Battery Tube Install and Short Wire Question


I am wrapping up an all day building binge so I may my questions may due to a lack of sleep.

Problem #1 - I found the Orange positive battery wire to be too short to solder to the forward end cap. I left wire at the stock length when running the cluster through the pathway. I attempted to extend the wire so the wire could reach the the cap by soldering a wire and heat shrinking the joint. After completing the tube install I found the batteries would not easily pass by the heat shrink. I ordered a new set of 2.7 tubes with the LiFe mode. I will now be forced to extend the wire before it enters the battery tube. Please let me know if I am missing something here.

Problem #2 - The instructions on building the positive end cap are missing information on when and where to solder the wire. I assume I needed to solder on the forward end of the assembly so the fuse would provide protection before making contact with the positive end of the battery. The epoxy application for potting the forward cap is confusing. I assumed I needed to wrap the assembly with electrical tape so the epoxy would be contained when injected.

Please share you thoughts on tips since I will be taking another run at this when the replacement tubes come in.


I had the same problem


and I solved it this way…


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I had the same problem #1. I too recognized the issue and extended the wire before epoxying the tube. Soldered and heat shrink. The batteries are a tight squeeze and take some effort to remove. I’m thinking about cutting the heat shrink off, but it might be difficult to reach.


So this is my way to fix it