2.6 build interference problems


To start off - I am VERY impressed with the quality of the kit so far.
I’m having trouble fitting the ESC’s onto the circuit board. The Ethernet jumper is facing the DB25 connector which doesn’t allow the ESC to fit. I figured this out when I tried to test fit the electronics into the tube.
Has anyone else experienced this? Is it just a matter of repositioning until it fits?

Any help would be appreciated - having a blast with this !



Hey Glen,

Yeah... you just have to kind of fidget with it until it fits. Check out this video (about 17mins into it) of me getting it all to come together. It's tight, but it works!

Best of luck!



Thanks, I was able to sit the centre ESC on top of the Ethernet connector. There is still a lot of bulk from the USB cable, has anyone been successful in shortening the cable to make it an easier fit ? I’ve done a lot of soldering throughout my life but I’ve never cut apart a USB cable. Do you think it could be shortened at the camera end - or cut and spliced mid section?

Thanx again


I have shortened the USB cable for the camera. I cut and spliced the mid section. Works fine.


Thanks Kjetil,
I was able to get the camera casing open and there is a connector from the cable to the board. I was able to make a splice close to the connector. A bit of heat shrink, wipe for finger prints - check over my shoulder for witnesses … It looks like it came that way.

Good luck on your build.
Thanks for the advise
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Hi Glen and All:

An easy way to get the Ethernet jumper to fit better is to simply cut off some of the housing of the RJ45 plug that goes into the homeplug adapter. You can easily do this with a Dremel tool, though you have to be careful that you don't nick the wires in the jumper:

Here is the finished jumper. The housing was cut down to about the same level as the locking tab.:

And here's how it fits on the board. No more interference with the ESC!