2.5 up and running!


Finally! After a few months of working / waiting, my OpenROV V2.5 is up and running!

I'm so excited I may even run out to Lake Powell to test it in a snow storm tomorrow....

Only thing I cant get working so far is the servo. Troubleshooting.



Servo is working, had it plugged into the wrong port. They note the picture is out of date. D11 works.


Is there a way to calibrate the servo aside from taking it apart and positioning it where the software thinks it is?


Hi David:

Not that I'm aware of. Some tweaks could be done in software, but the servo has a limited range, so even if there was a software adjustment, you would still need to get it close in hardware. I think what is really needed is some better explanation of how to align things when you're first putting it together.

I know Eric is working on a major revision to the Dozuki instructions. If he's reading this, perhaps expand Steps 64 and 65 to talk more about how to get the servo arm placed in the right orientation on the first go-round?



Alright.. I made a quick blurb about it in step 65. I think the entire instruction set could use some wordsmithing, but here's what I wrote:

Before mounting the servo to the E-Chassis, push the horn onto the servo and '''gently''' rotate it back and forth to its extremes. Adjust how the horn is placed on the servo so that its limits are in positions equivalent to the camera platform looking straight up and straight down (ish). The screw that holds the horn on is not really needed.

I'm glad to hear your ROV is up and running, David. I can't wait to see some photos or video!



I must have assembled the camera before those were wrote up, I don't recall them. I have been following a bit ahead of the instruction development for 2.5. No worries, super easy fix for sure and I am happy that is the only hiccup so far. I'll be sharing what I shoot for sure!



I hit the spacebar last night to "stopall" and nothing would respond gain. I had to re-upload the firmware to get it to work gain. Not positive that is what caused it, but FYI.



Possible error in the software. The Servo only goes in one way, and in the software up is down and down is up. Minor if anything. Awesome interface.


Video if it working:



Few notes on the first test in Lake Powell.

The connection kept dropping out? There is quite a lag between a key presss and the ROV responding? Is that normal?

The springs on the battery tubes seem a bit too strong. They are keeping the end-caps from closing in all the way and causing them to leak a bit.

How do you record the live stream via VLC?



YESSSSSSS!!!! Congratulations, man!

By the sound of your motors (that chiming sound when they stop), it sounds like you haven't yet programmed them. You can find how to program them (a little bit of an arduous process, but you only need to do it once) here: http://wiki.openrov.com/index.php/Programming_the_ESC

Also on this page is how to calibrate the ESCs (once they've been programmed) so your vertical thruster will stay still after you move it.

It is so cool to see the built up ROVs coming together, and we can't wait to see her in the water!



this is how I do it, there are probably several ways:

start vlc

open media tab

open capture device, capture mode pick desktop

desired frame rate I set to 30 f/s

on bottom of screen pick stream (default is play)

I don't do anything on this screen pick next

destination setup screen, pick add and browse to where you want to save file

type in a file name with extension ts, pick save

for trans coding options I use MP2(ts)

stream shows on bottom pick it

when done with recording pick playback tab and stop

vlc will play the movie with the ts extension

for some players I have renamed the movie extension from ts to mp2

It will be interesting to see how other ROVer's are doing it.



Thanks John!


Eric, I'm trying to program the ESC's in the cockpit but I dont know which one goes to which motor? There is no graphic showing this. You had sent me something when I plugged them into the board but I cant find what you sent.




"6. More that motor's slider all the way to the left and then press the reset on the ESC again.

7. Switch off the ESC

8. Move the next ESC and repeat..."


I figured it out. The first beep when is rest. I had the slider all the way to the left on that first beep. Woops. Make sure when you start the calibration process the sliders are in the center. DUH. Go it.


Regarding the connection dropping. I used a different Ethernet cable and usb cable than provided and it seems to have fixed the issue? No idea.


The stream is coming from

I am trying to figure out the best settings in VLC to capture it. I know they pulled it off? Dunno.


Hey David,

In VLC, go to Media --> Open Network Stream... and where it says "Please enter a network URL:" enter, then press the Play button in the lower right hand side of that window.

To start recording, press the red record button. It is a little hard to see the difference between when it is recording and when it is not- if you look closely, you'll notice that the button turns slightly blue after you press it to start recording.

Let us know if this works!



Thanks Eric! What codec do you use?


That's very strange- I have no idea why that would make a difference.

...but if the fix works...