2.4 camera freeze, reverse sporadic issues


I am basically finished with OpenROV #357 - cheers to David and Eric! I did an initial tank test today with no leaks and hope to do an actual dive this week, if I can figure out these last couple issues.

Everything works with the lights off (except for reverse, I'll get to that in a minute). When I switch the lights on, the video freezes within one second or so. Everytime. I am running on charged batteries (11.5v or so) and am drawing about .7 amps prior, and 1 amp once I hit the lights... and I have to reboot to get video back. Motors and servo keep working throughout. I did see some notes about setting the resolution down in config.js - it was at 1080 and I set it to SVGA, the video size stays smaller now but same issue.

Hey at least its consistent, that usually makes it easier to solve... anyone have thoughts?

Also, I have read a bunch of the threads on reverse - the problem I have is sporadic so I am not sure if its the same. mtarg and motors values in the cockpit display are always what they should be. Programmed and calibrated ESCs several times... Sometimes it all works. Sometimes reverse will not come on - in turning left or right sometimes its just one motor - about 50% of the time reversing works. Seems to fail a lot on the initial key press, and if I just release and press again it seems to work - mostly. I read the posts here: http://openrov.com/forum/topics/patch-reverse-working-with-kit-escs - is there any reason this code has not been merged in? is the code in the recent 2.4 image 'old'? I noticed it is different but not sure if it is older or newer.





I had the same issue with the camera freezing every time I switched on the lights. It turned out that the camera software crashed due to signal crosstalk between the wires that connect the LEDs to the cape and the USB cable which connects the camera to the Beaglebone. This was especially apparent after I removed some part of the wire shielding of the USB camera cable to make it more flexible. Only a reboot made the camera working again - but just until I switched on the lights again.

There are two measures that fixed this issue permanently for me:

- use a short USB cable which is shielded all the way from the USB connector to the small PCB connector inside the camera (see this post). Make sure that the cable shield is connected to the USB connector's metal plate at the BB side and to the black wire at the camera side.

- prevent the USB cable from running parallel to or crossing the wires of the LEDs. Find a different path for each of both cables from the BB/Cape to the camera plate.

Good luck,



Thanks! I will give it a try but it makes perfect sense.