2.4 Build Log by Dream Away


Came across this build log on the net and thought I would share with the community. Dream Away, if your around, let me know and I’m happy to hand over credit for this post topic to you! http://www.dreamaway.net/OpenROV_log.html

Stacy and I went over to the shop today, and hopefully I had all of the required tools and parts required to continue the assembly of the OpenROV kit.

Not only were we both using our computers to direct us with the assembly of the OpenROV kit, but Stacy had rebuilt my backup external hard drive last night. During the day today, I ran a backup on the backup drive, I also created a bootable mirror on another external hard drive.

When Stacy and I got to the shop, we were convinced we could not have lost the second nylon spacer. So we spent another half hour or more searching for the spacer, but no luck, it has just disappeared!