1st. Salt Water Dive Halifax Nova Scotia North West Arm


This was my 1st Salt Water Dive and one thing I forgot to bring was my heavier lead weights for ballast. I needed about 20oz extra weight to make it neutral in salt water, but there were plenty of rocks on the shore so my ROV was ok with that :) . I loaded the latest image software for this dive and noticed a few things that I never experienced with the Old Software. 1st off you will notice the video to be very choppy and I was not sure if this was because of the new firmware or if I had another issue, this never happened on my other dives. The 2nd issue that happened a number of times there was a 2nd window that would open in my browser showing the Software Code. The 3rd. issue was having to refresh by browser a number of times. I am running the Old BB & cape with 500' 22 gauge tether, using Google Chrome and I am thinking the new code may use more CPU power thus not fast enough for the video stream. Would like to hear if others have the same issues with the new code. Not much in this video as it was just a test dive but better than lake diving :)

Halifax Nova Scotia 1st. Dive Dingle Tower


I may have found the reason for some of my issues. I may have had a bad soldier joint on the Home Plug adapter that may have caused some connection issues. This may explain why I had a 2nd window open showing the BB Code, and also having to refresh the browser. The jitter in the video also could be caused by this and the encoding I was using in the full screen recorder. I have started to test different recorders and encoding types to see if I can come up with one that works ok.


great images! thanks!