1st pool dive - Problems faced and lessons learned



I did the first pool dive with my 2.6 build, it went great. However I had the following minor problems that I need to work on:

  1. The motors are VERY powerful, I think using gamepads to control the ROV would be much more efficient than using the keyboard, the ROV was "jumping" when i thrust forward even on the lowest power.

  2. Adding weights to control buoyancy was not as simple as it seems, it's either too heavy or too light, I didn't have the correct weights. My plan is to 3D print a box to hang on the front metallic bar where i can easily add weights (i'm thinking to use small magnets, since they're heavy, easy to add/remove and they stick together)

  3. Adding weights caused the ROV to tilt, even though I tried (as much as I can) to center it. (check pictures)

  4. The vertical propeller got detached from the epoxy (the bell was still in place) as soon as I removed the thrust guard. I removed the guard because after a while, it moved and started to rub against the propeller. I think I need to find a better way to fix the cover instead of just a pressure fit.

  5. The depth reading was not accurate. I zeroed it at surface, however at 2m it was still reading 1.54m. At surface it was okay.

  6. Even when I managed to set the ROV to be -almost- neutrally buoyant, it was still tilting backwards when I thrust forward, causing it to move upwards too. When there's no thrust, it goes back to horizontal position. This might be fixed by using a lower thrust?

  7. I need to make the tether neutrally buoyant, I was unable to find hollow polypropylene where I live, so i'll try some of the suggestions i've seen on the forum.

  8. Depth hold seems to works fine. I had reverse the vertical motor for it to work properly.

  9. Remember to switch bells on the horizontal motors if the movement is reversed.

The overall experience was great, I learned many things. I think I will do another test before taking it to the open waters.


67-IMG_1095.JPG (2.24 MB) 68-IMG_1085.JPG (2.33 MB) 69-IMG_1101.JPG (2.8 MB)


I had my first pool dive my self yesterday.

I uses a wireless logitech 710 gamepad. Works like sharm, but has very short wireless range. I had to stand next to the laptop. The vertical 3-bladed propeller is very un-efficient... it moves very slowly up and down. I guess I have to exchange it for the 2.bladed one.

And I need to find out how to record better video quality than the video recorded by VLC player which I used.


Great recap! Excited to see video from the next dives!


switch bells ? Could you explain this?


swapping the outrunner parts with axle and propeller...
e.g you take the outrunner part(bell) including the propeller from the vertical motor and swap it with the right forward one.....but this can also easily be done in the cockpit "settings"

Sorry for my bad english