12V power on v2.6


Just finishing up the “build” on my v2.6" I’m using the Battery Space Li-FePO4 batteries (provided with this kit). I get only a little over 10.1 volts from either battery tube and only 10.1 volts total system. This is pretty consistent regardless of which battery tube I measure. It is also the same if I simply stack three cells together and measure them outside the tube. Is this normal? Did I get a bad set of batteries? The batteries are fully charged with the TrustFire chargers which are on the 3.0v setting. Batteries were charged for 24 hours.


Hey Ronald,

You are seeing the right numbers. Those batteries are between 3.2 to 3.4 V fully charged. So stacked in sets of 3 your voltage should be between 9.6 to 10.2 voltes.

The system is designed to run with these just fine. If you want the battery meter to show the right low voltage warnings, you will want to set/select the Li-FeOI4 batteries in the batter setting portion of the UI.



Including @Zack to make sure we have this documented.


Thanks for the fast response. I guess this means I will have less operating time per charge. Maybe I’ll switch to a better battery once I get things rolling…


Not really the case, you will get longer runtime off of the Li-FeOI4 batteries because they don’t need a safety cutoff like the other Trustfires use. You should see around 2 hours real world runtime.