1080p video not recorded


Hi there,

I got my trident last week. My son and I are still discovering the system, for sure we enjoy it a lot. It was worth waiting all this time.

However I have a slight problem. I have been looking for the 1080p video in the Trident internal memory but I have not been able to locate them. The ‘Trident-1080p’’ remains desperately empty.
I probably dir not search well enough but I could not find these high res videos anywhere.
Not problems for the 720p though, the ‘‘Pilot’’ folder is well populated with the videos.

The '‘record Trident HQ Video’'option is activated.
The software version are 1.5.8 for the app and 719eb7 for the Trident.

Any clue from anyone?

@+ Gaël.


I had a similar “bug” where I recorded the dives in 1080p, and could actually see them before I closed down the Trident. But the next time I started it and was going to download the video in HQ, it was gone. And still it said that a certain amount of space in the onboard memory was used.

But when I started diving and recording video again, suddenly all the old videos in HQ was also visible. So I contacted support@openrov.com, and they did some remote update, and now it seems to work as it should :slight_smile:


Hi Peter,

Thanks for the advice, I just contacted the Open ROV Support.

@+ Gaël.