100m teather mod idea


I have been contemplating adding a foot controlled variable speed motor to the 100m reel. I think this could be very useful and would eliminate some struggles with reel management during dives where another person is not available to be your tender. The delux setup would also have a mechanism similar to a fishing reel that moves the tether back and forth as it reels out and reels in.

I have been envisioning some type of wide base that the reel could be mounted to for stability. The motor could be either attached to the base or to one of the reel legs. It would be nice if there was a large gear that could be mounted on the reel face so that a gear on the motor could interface. Maybe a 3D printed part.

I’d like to hear other peoples thoughts on doing this.

I have yet to take off the outside cover of the reel to see the spindle axle inside. The reel spins with just too much resistance for my liking. Perhaps if it was ball bearing mounted it would facilitate easier deployment while piloting the Trident.


We’ve experimented with an autowinder for our reels as well, and I’ll try to post a photo of what we’ve built soon, but to address your concern about the spin resistance, make sure the friction pad on the side of the reel is loosened. If you look on the side of the reel you’ll notice a knob that moves a disk against the side of the reel which can make it harder to turn. Best of luck, and please post what you end up creating!


Very cool! I would be interested in seeing the pictures. I did check out the friction pad and made sure it was not interfering. I decided to pop off the axle keeper metal clip very carefully and removed the reel from the axle. The tolerances were fine but I did a light sanding with fine grit paper then applied a good amount of wheel bearing grease. I feel it turns much easier now and once I get trident diving in full power and give the reel a push start the tether can pay out on its own.