1/4" wall acrylic tube supplier, 3.75" ID



wondering if anyone has built openrov with 1/4" thk tube ?

such as this product from a US supplier of cast tube, which is machined to accurate size:-
looks perfect,

The 1/8" standard tube is ‘probably’ going to be fine as per test results variously demonstrate, to most user’s operating depth. i would be a lot happier with 1/4" thick. i would also like a bit more length on the tube to give more room for maneuvering the wiring harness, a couple of fuses etc. so the extra thickness would be especially needed.

i have acquired a half-built openrov, where the previous owner has had marvellously over-engineered aluminium endcaps made at great expense and labour, and they really do deserve a heftier tube.

happy easter everyone.

Introducing the OpenROV Experimental Store

We’ve done a few at the OpenROV lab with good result. I think some others can speak to the performance. We’ve also seen good results with the 3/16" wall as well.

Also check usplastic; Professional Plastics;

Awesome link! Thanks for sharing.



mmmm +1 for a deep water option :green_heart:


i think it will be easier for me to get it shipped from US than to find a european supplier of imperial tube !